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I don’t read the bible - never have - never will. I prefer to read comic books/graphic novels and watch George Lucas films to get my dose of fantasy. They (the U.S.) should NEVER teach religion in public schools. It has no place. Religion is a personal choice - it was never part of the fabric of the founding of this country and certainly not even entertained as being part of government by our founding fathers. The United States was founded on principles that where inarguably anti-religion, anti-theology, anti-monarchy - essentially anti-everything save for the freedom of thought, deed and word but, also allowed (white men) to believe whatever they wanted. Just based on the simple fact that we don’t even teach (and never have) the REAL principles and concepts this country was founded on speaks volumes as to why Religion becomes the catch all to everything. Separation of church and state needs to be amended to separation of church and everything. How do you think L. Ron Hubbard got all his followers? Blind Fucking Faith and a great group of stories. If a dude is willing to believe we are aliens with psychic powers to heal - how hard would it be for others to believe that the red sea parted or water was turned to wine? We are a weak species in that, we follow blindly, constantly and with no rhyme or reason. A Vetted Politician or Priest or Rabbi or Imam is no more qualified to do anything on this earth than I or you. People don’t want the REAL responsibility (and reality) that WE are responsible for ourselves, how we see ourselves, what we do with ourselves. We would rather put that on an Invisible Man that controls the earth and depending on what you believe wants you to kill, maim, reject, judge, etc, etc - your fellow man. Add to this an unreal Ignorance to all things that exhibit intelligence, reason or consistency and you have the IDIOCRACY we currently live in. This place founded on amazing ideas, by amazing thinkers, amazing INDIVIDUALS is now a breeding ground for fucking sheep and people so ignorant I even violate my own sense of political correctness and call them; TARDS. We are killing this country. We are killing this earth. We are killing our fellow man and creatures. Anyone who disputes that is NOT AWAKE. The clock ticks on our borrowed time. Or as George Carlin says, “When the earth is done with us (man) it will shake us off like a cold.
Jeremy Fels

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The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. ~ Albert Einstein